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Restaurantosaurus Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I’ve seen signs for Restaurantosaurus Lounge for months, and finally got to try it out! We went in on a Monday afternoon, and were the ONLY PEOPLE there! This little, relaxing place would be a great escape from the heat and crowds during the summer.

It has a hidden entrance, but is attached to Restuarantosaurus. There were about 6 tables, and the menu offered a wide variety of drinks. If you wanted something that wasn’t on the menu, they would make that, too.

We opted for the Carnotaurus Meteoritis and the Primordial Booze. The CM, while very good, was VERY strong. You could tell that it had a lot of bourbon in it! The PB was SO GOOD if you like fruity drinks. It reminded me a lot of the Open Ocean drink that you can get at Lamplight Lounge in Disneyland. The bartender was very friendly, and even gave the drink a little Hidden Mickey.

The only Light Bite available was the Buffalo Chicken Dip. This one was NOT my favorite. The chips were delicious and you get a ton of them, but the dip was covered in bleu cheese crumbles, which I’m not a fan of. If you like bleu cheese, you’d probably love the dip. It’s served cold, and can’t be customized because it’s pre made.

Overall, it was a cute place and makes a great getaway from the parks. It’s also a good way to get drinks to-go without waiting in a long line. Have you tried Restaurantosaurus Lounge? What did you think?

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