Our Ranking of Night Time Shows at Walt Disney World

Number One – FANTASMIC! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This has been my FAVORITE show since I was a little girl. It’s one that I never get tired of, and it gives me happy tears every time. I love how many different Disney classics are incorporated into the whole show.

TIP: Get there 45 minutes early (or an hour during peak season). This will give you better seating options. The last one’s in sit on the edge, and I’m not a fan of the view from there.

FAVORITE PART: I know it’s super weird, but I love the dancing monkeys on the floats during the Lion King segment. I also love the end with Sorcerer Mickey.

LEAST FAVORITE PART: There isn’t a part of the show that I DON’T like, but I will say that it drives me crazy when people start leaving before the very end. We saw it last week and missed Mickey’s magic moment at the end because the whole row of people in front of us were leaving. So sad!

Number 2 – Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom

At the end of the fireworks these spotlights come on for a few minutes. It looks spectacular!

While I’m still super attached to Wishes, Happily Ever After has started to grow on me, so this one takes the spot for my second favorite. I get goosebumps every time that I watch it! It just has such a magical feel.

TIP: I love watching this show from other places! I can even see it from my backyard. Here’s my tip – try watching it from Geyser Point, Poly Beach, or California Grill. You can hear the soundtrack at all 3 places and get a great view, without the crowds! I also love the dessert party, but you still have to deal with the crowds when leaving the park.

FAVORITE PART: When Tink flies! This part gets me every time.

LEAST FAVORITE PART: The CROWDS! No matter what time of year it is, I feel like you always have to get there early to get a spot, and the crowds are always CRAZY when you leave. The line for the monorail after the fireworks is a hot mess.

Number 3 – Rivers of Light at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I actually just saw this for the first time last week, and I thought that it was a great show! The seating was really nice (and there was a lot of it), and the visual effects were amazing.

TIP: Sit towards the front! We were about 8-10 rows back, and the view was a little obstructed from other people’s heads. Also, like Fantasmic, get there 45 minutes to an hour early for the best seating.

FAVORITE PART: I LOVED the clips of the Disney movies that they project on the water in the beginning. I also loved the end when they play Circle of Life and have all of the colorful animals, the boat, and the water show.

LEAST FAVORITE PART: There was a long section in the middle where the flowers were just shooting water in the air and nothing else was really happening.

Number 4 – EPCOT Forever

There’s no nice way for me to say this, but I did not like this show at all. I will say, though, that Epcot is my least favorite park and I (unpopular opinion) was never a fan of Illuminations. I thought that this show was seriously lacking substance – at least it’s only a temporary show!
(Disclaimer – my opinion may be swayed because there was a group of very loud, intoxicated people behind us when I saw this show. They were screaming profanities, and other guests kept yelling at them. It was very distracting!)

TIP: Go to the back of the World Showcase for better viewing, and don’t stand behind anything that could obstruct your view. The entrance to the showcase is usually more crowded because people want to be closer to the park exit.

FAVORITE PART: I thought it was really cool when the boats went out and the lights were flying through the air!

LEAST FAVORITE PART: In my opinion, the show lacked substance, and didn’t have a “Disney”, magical feel that the other shows have.

Do you have a favorite (or least favorite) night time show at Disney? Let us know!

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