Mardi Gras at Walt Disney World

Mardi Gras is SUCH a fun season! I love all of the festivities at Universal, but did you know that there are plenty of Mardi Gras related things to do at Disney World, too?


These are available at both Port Orleans locations, but my favorite spot is Sassagoula at French Quarter. This whole resort has such a great Mardi Gras vibe! Even the pool is Mardi Gras themed. Be sure to check out my pictures below. Anyways, back to the BEIGNETS. Sassagoula is almost never crowded, and they have seating and even a little table of board games that you can play. Beignets come in quantities of 3 ($4.99) or 6 ($8.49). They also offer raspberry, cinnamon-sugar, and chocolate specialty beignets. I prefer mine plain, but if you like dipping sauces, they have salted caramel, strawberry, and chicory chocolate. These cost $1.99. You can EVEN get your beignet’s with ice cream, or the Baton Rouge beignet, which comes with alcohol. If you’re thirsty, they also have bottled sodas and a few hot beverages.


Each Port Orleans Resort has a small parade on Fat Tuesday – a few golf carts that come through with cast members who throw beads and candy to guests. Did you know that you can also take horse drawn carriage rides through French Quarter?

Even though the celebration is small, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a laid back, family Mardi Gras activity.

What do you do for Mardi Gras? Let us know!

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