Big Fire @ Universal Orlando City Walk

Every time that I’m looking for something to eat on the City Walk, the only good options seem to be Margaritaville (Volcano Nachos – YUM!) and Moe’s in the food court. That has changed now that Big Fire is there! Two of us were able to eat 3 courses for only $50. You can’t beat that!

When we arrived around 6:30 on a Friday night, there was NO WAIT for a table! This was a pleasant surprise. We were seated downstairs, which had a great view, and there was also a seating area upstairs. The waitress greeted us with, “Welcome to the Lake House,” which seems to sum of the vibe of the whole place. It’s very laid back and casual. She explained that everything is cooked on a wood-fire grill, using multiple types of wood.

We didn’t order drinks, but there was a vast menu, and the people around us all seemed to be enjoying theirs!

The first thing that we tried was the Artichoke Kale Dip Appetizer. It came with 4 slices of grilled bread. It was delicious! It didn’t look like much when it came, but it was very filling. It does have large pieces of kale in it, so if you aren’t a kale fan, I’d skip this one.

For our entrees, we had the Classic Cheeseburger with fries and the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Crispy Smashed Potatoes.

The burger was good, but it had a VERY mesquite taste, which took a few bites to get used to. It was definitely huge and very filling.

The grilled chicken sandwich was DELICIOUS. It had peach preserves, lettuce, grilled red onion, pesto, and cheese. It was very sticky and messy, but the combination of toppings made it delicious. It was way too big to eat the whole thing, so I ended up just taking off the chicken, which had a heavy grill taste, to eat. The Crispy Smashed Potatoes, to me, were essentially fries. They were potato wedges that looked like they had been mashed with a fork and baked. They were really good, just not what I expected.

Then came the BEST part of the meal – dessert! We chose the S’mores that you can make at the table. It came with regular marshmallows, homemade chocolate and vanilla marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey bars, and Reese’s. It was enough for 4 people, but they give you the option to order additional servings, and our waitress told us to let her know if we needed more graham crackers. It was so fun to roast the marshmallows at the table.

Typically at a theme park restaurant, a meal like this would be close to or over $100, but our total was only $60. After our Annual Passholder discount, it was around $50. It was a great deal for delicious food in a laid back setting! Have you tried Big Fire? What did you think?

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